Once upon a time, there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Written Cristmas Eve 2010

Twas the night before Christmas, when all though the Shop
Not a Blogger was stirring, not a comment did drop.
Discussions just hung on the first page in quiet,
Not even the the anas could incite a riot.

The newbies were absent, no follow-me threads,
No visions of SEO danced in their heads.
The queen in her heels, the king in the queen,
Were snug in their castle, nowhere to be seen.

The masses were huddled away in their booth,
The mood there was mild, to tell you the truth.
Giraffes did not roam, no critters were seen,
And in the pantry was nary a bean.

No caffeine was brewed, no pillow was fluffed,
No bagel was eaten, no candy was buffed.
No amps were plugged in, no cannons were loaded,
Not one cryptic post did need be decoded.

No one did start, nor counted to forty,
And there was no sign of any new shorty.
No hairy apes roamed, not one person scrapped,
No harsh words were spoken, no anger was tapped.

A couple of stragglers still wandered about,
The most interesting thread about getting ice out,
And one full of people speaking in tongues,
Without Google Translate, their goose would be hung.

When suddenly from out of nowhere it seemed,
A bad poem burst forth, on which it was deemed
That nothing was happening, the place was quite dead
Poorly rhymed references the only thing said.

The poet felt bad for those not named not for nouns,
For he couldn't include them, which might have caused frowns.
Now wondered he how he would end his bad prose.
For nothing seemed fitting to lead to a close.

Not a thing had quite happened that would lead to an end,
In this poem about nothing (he couldn't pretend).
So he simply exclaimed, as he logged out of site,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"