Once upon a time, there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Larry And The Magic Eye

Once upon a time there were two wizards, who conjured up a magic eye that could find anything, anywhere. It was so much better than the magic eyes that other wizards had created that soon, everybody was using this magic eye, and merchants gave the two wizards buckets of gold to show their wares next to the magic eye.

The wizards soon had so many buckets of gold that they hired a merchant to take care of the magic eye and collect their buckets of gold for them, while they travelled far and wide bringing freedom to the people. Well, one of the wizards did this; nobody is really sure what the other wizard did, but it was surely something good.

Meanwhile, the merchant used some of the buckets of gold to have other wizards conjure up more magical marvels, and traded some of the buckets of gold for magical marvels yet other wizards had already conjured up, and all of these magical marvels attracted more buckets of gold, with which even more magical marvels were sought.

The people marvelled at all the things they could do with these magical marvels, merchants gladly gave buckets of gold to show their wares next to the magical marvels, the two wizards' holdings of both buckets of gold and magical marvels increased greatly at the hands of the capable merchant, and everybody lived happily ever after.

That is, until one of the two wizards got bored and decided that he should take care of the magical marvels and collect the buckets of gold. He thanked the trusted merchant for all that he had done during his years of service, gave him a really big bucket of gold, and sent him on his way.

The wizard then looked upon the magical marvels and buckets of gold, and realized that he had not actually conjured up any magical marvels since he and the other wizard had conjured up the magic eye. Now, the magic eye was known far and wide as one of the greatest conjurations in all of magic, and most wizards would be proud to be known for this. But not our wizard.

Our wizard had become vain, and decided that he must cast his own spell on all of the magical marvels in the shop, so that everyone would know that they were his. Now, a few of his apprentices told him that the people were happy with the magical marvels as they were, and the merchants who gave buckets of gold to display their wares next to the magical marvels were happy with the people being happy with the magical marvels as they were, but the wizard answered, "Did I not conjure up the magic eye? Am I not the greatest wizard in all of magic? Am I not smarter than the people? Do I not know better than them what they will be happy with?" 

To be continued...