Once upon a time, there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Mutant Monstrosities: The Maiden

She came from the four corners of the Earth*. She was at once all women and no woman, as inevitable as she was impossible. Those who sought her would never find her; those who found her had never sought her. She was as lovely a maiden as ever was, as lethal a monster as ever could be.

Her face was familiar to all, recognized by none. Her names were known to millions, yet few knew her name, a legend unheard of, as it were. A fantasy creature in a world of fables, born of  fabled fantasies in the world of creatures, she was everywhere and nowhere, for all eternity and nevermore.

But mostly, she made men go mad until they could do nothing but babble in nonsensical contradictory prose.

* - Barranquilla, Melbourne, Pomona, and Toronto