Once upon a time, there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

black cat in a dark room

the light did not flash
its dark cells were full
so we sat in a circle
just shooting the bull

i sat there with 'mando
and his circle of friends,
who argued in circles
all day long, without end

too thick to agree
even on posting links
so I sat in the circle
and had a few drinks.

and all I could do was to
so that I could read
without having to think.

and then something went BUMP!
how that bump made us jump!
we looked!
then we saw it, furry and fat!
we looked!
and we saw it!
Schrodinger's cat!
and he said to us,
'why do you argue like that?
about whether i'm here
or i'm dead or alive,
when you'll never agree,
even to save your own lives!'

'i know you have many things here to say,'
said the cat.
'but you've said them all,'
said old Schrodinger's cat.
'there's much repetition
i could point out to you.
armando will not mind at all if i do.'

then the circle of friends
did not know what to say.
with no sign of armando,
probbly hiding away.

but our brains said, 'no! no!
make that cat go away!
tell that Schrodinger's cat
you have MUCH more to say.
he's not really here.
he's not really about.
he should not be here
when armando is out.

'now! now! have no fear.
have no fear!' said the cat.
'silence is is golden,'
said old Schrodinger's cat.
'why you can all
have your last word, and then flee,
with a thing that i call
agree to disagree!'

just then the good doctor
realized with a fright
that to stay true to the story
would keep him up here all the night
so he had to find something
to reach this poem's end,
or he'd be yet more verbose
than armando's smart friends.

so he skipped to the part where...

the circles and i did not know
what to say
for the first time
on this post that has lasted for days.

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